Japan . . . ok, Narita airport
Bali . . . for Christmas
Bali . . . the Kecak monkey dance
Bali. . . statuary in the roads
Bali . . . ahhh, the masks
New Zealand . . . for New Year's Eve
New Zealand . . . Sandsterdam
South Island . . .New Zealand
horses ! & more South Island adventures
South Island's Farewell Spit
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
fire spining in Golden Bay
Aukland fire spinning
Maori we met in New Zealand
speedy motorcycles . . . vrROOOMMmmmm
written stuff . . . to navigate back home to this page, click your heels three times and say . . . there's no place like home, there's no place like home, oh fuck it, just CLICK the Title and Date at the top of each journal page
Amacker Down Under
Can you do the Cairns Cairns?
letters home
Christmas in Bali, diving at Tulamben
New Year's Eve in New Zealand
home to Palo Alto

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