On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, Rocket J. Squirrel wrote:

i stepped down from my radio show tonight

it seemed like the right thing to do with so long a leave of absence,
(see below)
and with my work schedule being so #@$%&* i hadn't put the work in
necessary to keep the privilege of a radio show in a couple of months.
plus they were concerned that the guy who was doing my show while i
was gone would be prevented from taking his own show in the meantime,
if he wanted one . . .

the end of an era in the decade i have been on the air
coming at the end of the millennium

course, there's always next year. . . .
and maybe i could do a show without that damned five AM wake up call

i'm on sabbatical until sometime in February
the only email i will be getting while i am in asia is galadriel@torchery.com

secret squirrel

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