Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 22:05:54 -0800 (PST)
From: amacker <>
Subject: home


I'm back. Got in yesterday. Still unpacking crates of masks and fabrics.
"Heaps " as they say down under . . .

In a nutshell, it was the time of my life. My friend John is in Australia,
playing with fire. His website, which we launched from Oz a couple of
weeks ago is up, and if i do say so myself, a little bit gorgeous . . .

It's bittersweet to be home.

I've come back to a house which misses one 20 year old cat who has been
with me since college. I had Sue before i ever even had a boyfriend. She
went through two decades of growing with me, made a wonderful fluffy
pillow to cuddle when things were rough, got pissed off at me when i
refused to make the rain stop, and mostly seemed to think that lobster was
a really bad idea. Her nicknames were "fluffalorium" for obvious hersuit
reasons, "adolph" for the mark on her chin, "roach hound" which she
promptly denounced upon meeting her first lobster one thanksgiving in
Austin, when she realized the possibilities inherent in her previous
favorite game, and "whoolers" which is what i put on her collar and what
most of the neighborhood assumed was her real name. Susan B. Anthony was
the name given the fluffy undignified kitten some people basically dumped
on me when they decded to travel the country in a mobile home and realized
that this cat had no intention of putting up with their foolish
wanderlust. In her life with me, she moved over 26 times.

I miss her.She had a long and happy life, despite two cross-country road
trips, and lived for the last few years only to be petted when she deigned
to move off the couch where she slept a great deal.

She wasn't here to prevent thieves from breaking into my house last
weekend and stealing a lot of stuff. Erin and I haven't figured out
exactly how what is missing, but both she and Ishtar are fine, which is
all that matters.

I spent two days on planes coming back, reading Neil Gaiman's forthcoming
novel "American Gods", which is fabulous. It is different from anything he
has done before. That and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" were the
highlights of the literary and movie scene for the trip.

I'll put more pix up this week, if there's anything left of me after my
first week back at work in 21/2 months. Right now i am putting on the new
motorcycle leathers i bought -- no, dammit, i am not, since the damn
theives took my helmet and my gloves.

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