Italia 2006
Now with 1993+ photos in over 36 sections !
PORKE Madonna !
italia campioni del monde
IMG_7693 flight
IMG_7693 Pisa
IMG_7693 Tuscan Sunflowers
IMG_7693 Pietrasanta
IMG_7693 scultori
IMG_7693 World Cup Semi-Finals
IMG_7693 Gino takes us to a party
IMG_7693 more Pietrasanta
IMG_7693 a day at the beach
IMG_7693 World Cup FINALS
IMG_7693 scultrice
IMG_7693 Lucca
IMG_7693 more Pietrasanta
IMG_7693 Viareggio
IMG_7693 Pistoia
IMG_7693 Gov't Mule @ Pistoia Blues Festival
IMG_7693 Deige & i go to Roma to see Gov't Mule again
IMG_7693 Sculpture progress - 2 weeks into the proocess
IMG_7693 Pietrasanta


IMG_7693 Sculpture progress - 3 weeks into the proocess
IMG_7693 Arrivaderci Deidre! *PARTY*
IMG_7693 more Pietrasanta (can u blame me?)
IMG_7693 Wedding in Pietrasanta
IMG_7693 more sculptors
IMG_7693 Barbara & Megan visit & Cerevetti Studio
IMG_7693 Firenze & David
IMG_7693 Pietrasanta part 6
IMG_7693 scultrice part 6
IMG_7693 scultrice part 7
IMG_7693 Ahhh... SIENA !
IMG_7693 Brighton Rocks!
IMG_7693 more of England by the Sea
IMG_7693 Brighton Pavillion
IMG_7693 a Brighton Walkabout
IMG_7693 a bachelor party heads off to Prague !
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