Christmas Eve at 5 Liberty

A Wedding, A Funeral & Hallowe'en... the STORY is HERE

Pictorial Eulogy for my Mom

Art Car Fest 2004

Burning Man 2004

The Voice of Persuasion :: Art for BM 2004 @ NIMBY

How To Destroy the Universe Part 2 - SHIPYARD

Simone & Dave - WEDDING

Simone & Dave - Storybook Portraits

Godd Todd and Rebecca Pitt - WEDDING

CineFiles' Roller Disko Dance Party

last party at 1907 Golden Gate

4th on the Playa

3rd Annual Power Tool Drag Races !!! (Pom Pom spelled backwards is MOP MOP ! )

Foolishness at Camp N Sons

Fabulous Monsters present The Ramayana for Burning Man.ORG

Marsupial Pocketses debut @ the Cloud Factory Fashion Show

The Lime Green Funk Shack in Oaktownbootyville

My Birthday shindig @ The Odeon [ all of APRIL is MINE !!!]

NASA had this picture up for my birthday - DUCT TAPE on the MOOOON

Brettt & Katy Bell's Birthday @ the Odeon

Shipyard Shin-dig for Sparky's pa

Congratulations John & Christina !

White Holly benefit at MIGHTY

Crucible's FIRE OPERA

Extra Action's Recorded Live ... with Tom Jonesing