Sailor Ripley (by Mikey S.)

1988? 1990 ? - August 8, 2008, Midnight

The attached pictures are actually one of the most memorable nights of my beanflower life. Somehow those walks with Sailor were always times of deep reflection. They were always late, when the streets were quiet, and still, which helped to quiet the mind, but it was Sailor that made those nights special. There was a meditation to walking with that cat; a combination of being led, and leading, trusting and accepting trust. That cat wouldn't dream of walking alone, it needed me there, but at the same time, those walks gave him an independence that I'm sure kept him young. 

I would smoke my smoke, and then we would step to the driveway. We would pause, and Sailor would teach me patience. 
I can't remember being in less of a hurry than I was waiting for Sailor to make his decision. Usually right; that's where the plant was. 

A few sniffs, a breath in, a breath out, a breath in, a breath out
And he's high on his high-flyin' cloud
Wrapped up in his magic shroud as ecstasy surrounds him
and then we would walk. and Sailor would dissapear. and I would always know it was ok. Sometimes I woudl turn around to see if he was following me. Sometime he would be. and sometimes he would be nowhere in sight. so I would turn back around, and he would be sitting there, in front of me.

The night of the pictures we were out together for more than an hour. I was setting up shots, and sailor would wait patiently for me. it was one of the most contemplative and special nights I can remember, and somehow I know it would have only been possible with that cat.

So, my love to you. Be well. And we'll always remember our good friend Sailor.