Hello ???

Ishtar is a greenwing macaw. I raised her from an egg over ten years ago. She shares the exact birthday of Indiosa Patsy Jean Gelb. Giant Sand Howe's daughter.)

She has been on Fractured Fairytails a few times--mostly trying to bite the foam covers off the microphones, or tossing pistacchio shells onto the board from high on top of the studio monitors. She doesn't have an FCC licence, so I don't bring her in often.

But she definitely has a taste in music.

When she likes a band, she'll dance along, weaving her head up and down, like a bellydancer's hands, up and down like a dashboard doll on speed, or flap her wings and constrict her pupils and attempt to sing along. If she doesn't like it at all, she screams until we turn it off.

While Ish enjoys my show alright, especially The Way Way Back Machine, she also digs Pete Dixon's Beyond Room 222 on Monday nights. Hey, what can I say? She's a Deadhead.

Speaking of pets, this is Cairo, my erstwhile Egyptian Pygmy Hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are the worlds' most boring pet. They make horrible noises like a car motor that won't roll over. He died. Stress?

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