Izzy is a big fat Tuxedo cat that i took home from the Shipyard a couple of years ago. I called him Urban Oreo at first cuz he prolly was a stray from Urban Ore next door.

Izzy is gay and is obsessed with his paws. They are white and he seems to be very proud of them. So i changed his name for another snappy dresser, Eddie Izzard.

Izzy is the sweetest love of a cat - and terribly polite! He purrs if you so much as look at him - a deep rumbling purr. And he waits quietly by the door for you to invite him in, or by the bed for you to pat on the duvet for him to jump up.

But best of all, Izzy is a champion ratter. This doomed rodent was in my Opium Den until this morning.... yuck.

WARNING: Graphic images depicting a violent and partial decapitation...go IZZY!

IMG_6107 IMG_6124 IMG_6246
IMG_6146 IMG_6149