AHOY MATEY's . . . the pix are up. In all their Un-retouched glory...
Scott LaMorte braids his pirate locks.
Ran D drifts off as Chris and Ishmael talk to Lisa in one of her more lucid moments.
Nice shoulders!
Rowan, Sheila, Jim and Russell
Erin looking elegant in her tribal gear...hey wait! she's flipping me off
"Uh, yeah mom, it's a temporary tattoo..."
The Black Pirate Pose (tm) by Chris
"Gee Sheila, I don't remember...DID I wear underwear???"
We're having a run on Chris's tonight -- this one with Tom Cat (that's not nitrous, you EEEEdiots!
Uhhh, is that a "sprots" reference?
Janice and Rene
The Spice Pirates -- Posh, Scary and Buttercup -- I mean Sproty.
"I'll give you two reasons *I* would be a ship wench!"
Scotty and The Dread Pirate Farmboy -- I mean Wesley
The Dread Pirate Cosmo
Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Absolut Citron
Shaken, not stirred
SMILE when you say that.
Are those yer real TEETH, Matey?
Joey, a guy inthe middle, and James
She's got the HAT (Steph smirks in the background . . .)
The boy came with two lashed-together lassies.
Jim & Jennifer getting snogged.

Jim and the boy with the cutest hair. (Who later firedanced)
A secret peek into the Opium Den.
Ran D's world.

Ishmael & the Spice Pirates -- sounds like a movie doesn't it?

OK, they are all starting to get pissed about the flash in the Opium Den.

Hi Chris ! Hi Helen! Hi Marc!
ZsuZsu (on the right) with Galen and Sandrine,.

Where there are pirates, there'll be fencing.
ZsuZsu, DJ, and Cap'n Crunch . . .with CRUNCHBERRIES !!!!
ZsuZsu, DJ & Warren

Rebecca warms up
John (Tangent) arrives in Santa hat

Crowd shots
What Jim doesn't know is that he is standing in cactus

Mad Michael "X I A N" Christian as "Sally the Ship Wench" singing
"I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and GAAAAAAYYYYY!"

The Fire Dancing begins . . .

Ran D is up first.

Rebecca takes a spin

The Drummers

John Voldal . .. Tangent of Firestorm

Jill Parker of Ultra Gypsy

Ultra Gypsy's Tobias (on Dumbek) & Peter (on Clarinet)

Tangent & Rebecca duet with finger flames

Tangent swallows green fire
The rest of us need a smoke . . .

Ran D

The same guy with all that curly hair! only now he's spinning fire

Gordon was shooting video earlier

Tangent's last dance, and most amazing by far, with flaming chains, was not captured. In a way, that's kind of perfect. Those who saw it, won't forget it.

Looking over my bannister
at Tobias and Peter
playing ZsuZsu's Wackas (kinda like a clay flute)
Jill joins in too
Bitchwick Sheila, Steph & Erin
Bitchwick Sheila, Steph, Erin and me (Amacker, if you hadn't figured that out already)
The Witches of Bitchwick: ZsuZsu, Sheila, Steph, Erin and moi
I go down the stairs belting out some Pirate Ship Wench ditty

Sunday, May 7th -- Good Morning Beanflower House!!!

ZsuZsu, DJ, and Rosibel -- who cleaned the whole house!!!
trying to get a suddenly camera-shy John to stay still for a sec
ZsuZsu learned her brunch tricks with the CataClysMic MegaShear rAnch
ok, now we play with Yorick

Time to go wake up the Opium Den!
Ra n D asleep at the wheel (the blacklight wheel)

Hawkeye's morning cheer
John isn't so shy about pulling the covers offa Scott . . . and ???
we know, but we ain't tellin'
There's a mermaid in our soup!