PIMP n HO Party
January 29th, 2000
  • Smashing success !!! -- if drunk people are to be believed...
  • insane and beautiful, went on until 5:30 AM
  • In spite of cops and people vomitting, it was so extremely good natured and fun.
  • Maybe over 300 people--I've heard more. I talked with less...
  • waves of people from 6 PM until 4 AM, still arriving . . .
  • Larry Harvey and a pink be-wigged Maid Marion showed up.
  • John started the firedancing (and therefore drumming outside at 1 or 2AM or thereabouts
    • (time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin')
    • so the cops came, but only as the firedancers ended
    • and the drumming finished
    • They registered that the fire extinguisher was out in the backyard
    • but didn't arrive in time to groove on the dancers
    • There were three. John, Diana and Randy.
    • So the timing was perfect.
  • Chicken John
    • brought his Porn-e-Oke rig
    • with 7 TVs and songbooks
    • and more XXX-rated prono than you can shake uhhhhhh
    • and a keg
    • and stayed the night
    • with Dammit the Wonderdog
    • tied to his wrist in the Opium Den
    • Did you find the Opium Den?
    • Did you find the underground wine cellar?
    • I know we went through:
      • 8 gallons of Cosmos
      • which I brewed with 4 gallons of Sky Vodka
      • an entire keg
      • 2 + full industrial garbage cans of beer and wine bottles
      • a third filled with cans
      • The food was descimated
      • and someday i will get my floors back to the way they were !!!
    • Everyone is now asking about the next one
    • . . . yikes !
    • another party in May looks likely.
    • Mark May the 6th.
    • and then on to the wild rumpus photos !

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