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Michael Christian

Michael "Xian" Christian is responsible for the amazing steel sculptures that function as supports that keep people from hurtling off full tilt from the twisting stairs or upper balconies. He built the bannister in the two-storied library and the upper deck balcony. He is a legendary Burning Man artist -- that's where I met him. His Nebulous Entity and even 1999's Bone Tree owe their soul to the Soul Man, Xian.

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Chicken John's Porn-E-Oke

Chicken John is the veritable PhD oF Entrepeneurial Expertise. Porn + Kareoke? Sure!!! He INVENTED it. It is the perfect ice breaker. Catch Chick at Lost Vegas on Saturday, Feb 5th at the Cell Space in SF. I'll be there, and so will Dammit !

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Firestorm featuring Tangent

John (Tangent) is the COOLEST !!! I found him at Burning Man -- he danced in the Thunderdome with the Death Guild, on the playa at the fire circles outside the Center Cafe, in the circle during the Burn . . .

Hard to forget. Mesmerizing, magical and on top of all that, he is a really sweet guy. Maybe I'll help him do a webpage. He needs one, huh?

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The Balloon Hat Experience slide showed in the Opium Den ! Addi & Charlie's slide show following a three-year-in-the-making art extravaganza . . . incredible photos from around the globe. The website was down last I checked . . .but the book is forthcoming.

Ran D Dreams

Randy created the musical atmosphere in the Opium Den. He is a professional sound designer and Ambient DJ/performer as well as a Psyche Trance DJ.

He also brought down the hand-painted psychedelic art from his home in the CCC (one of which he painted). The CCC, in San Francisco, boasts one of the most amazing archives of psyche art to trance to. Yumm!

Randy was also one of the three fire dancers to bring in the cops. A multi-media performance artist, Randy is also a stage designer/lighting designer and has had two (successful) installations at Burning Man.

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Sheila Leary aka Miss Cellophane

Without Sheila this party just wouldn't have been as tasty ! That strumpet, I mean crumpet, was responsible for bringing most of the food, the name tags, and hell -- it was HER idea to have a Pimp N Ho theme in the first place. Mammas, don't let your babies grow up to be 'Ho-bags !!!

If Diox doesn't make her a card carrying member soon I will be having to hunt Froggeee down and turn him into a favorite French appetiser.

We are inducting her into Bitchwick as soon as we can pry her away from Javier for a night...

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Stephanie Schaeffer

Steph is another Queen of the Pimp N Ho Party Planning Committee, and a card carrying member of the Witches of Bitchwick to boot. She is beautiful, talented, wicked, and funny. And you want her on your Party Team. She also gave Beanflower House the Chimnea which warmed you on the patio !!! She shopped, she bopped, she even opened the champagne the next morning for brunch.

you figure out the rhymne...

You can't email her. So there.

Erin Rose

Another Queen of the Pimp N Ho Party Planning Committee, and another Bitchwick. Now living at the House Of Many Women --

aka Beanflower House.

She had her long-assed (naturally) red (not-so-naturally) fingernails in everything. Next time, we are buying her a cat o' nine-tails, so she can milk every bit of energy from the Party Construction Committee. And no, I don't care how you read that.

No, you can't email her either. So there.

Ed Ingraham

This guy did us the enormous favor of doing whatever we needed at the time. He schlepped, he carried, he loaded -- he was amazing ! A very good friend ! -- oh yeah, and in real life, he's a Rocket Scientist ! No shit !!!!

You may email him ingraham@relgyro.Stanford.EDU

Tim Evgenides

This one really scares me -- he FLEW all the way from Austin Texas to come to this party... and then (ok, somewhat because he missed his train and called ME to pick him up from the station, after getting off the wrong flight) ended up helping us all day Saturday. He loaded and dumped two truck loads of debris,was cheerful, fun, and like Ed, did us the enormous favor of doing whatever we needed at the time.

to my thanks, he responded:

Purely self interest, darlin', you throw a hell of a party.

Only because I have friends like these !

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