Henry Kaiser and his beautiful dog, Flipper. Henry brought her to the station one day and I took this. He has been to the station somewhat regularly -- whether to assist with a Mayhem special, or play with one of his many incarnations of bands. Henry is a guitar virtuoso, a serious international music collector, and used to DJ at another Bay Area radio station. We love having him on the air. And he can bring Flip any time ! (She's better-behaved than most DJs up here . . .)

Billy Bragg at the Guiness Fleadh last summer.

Richard Thompson at the Guiness Fleadh last summer.

Clive doing a doodle at Dark Carnival bookstore in Bezerkeley.

the strangeness in the clive and billy photos is a result of shooting a roll of film I had already shot . . . yikes! In some of the images (not shown) you can see the original image as well as these, more recent ones.

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