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Swiggin' From the Riggin'
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"Justice" ... Dragon Art Motorcycle
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2002: Be Happy . . . Aaarrghhhhh !
2001: Be Happy . . . Die Anyway !
2000: Be Happy . . . or DIE !

HappyL&nd and The Hair of the (scurvy) Dog Bar present:

The Barbary Coast and Bordello ... featuring SWIGGIN' FROM THE RIGGIN' (an interactive part of the Floating World Treasure Hunt for Gold Doubloons !)

The Barbary Coast and Bordello encompasses a pirate-worthy bar and lounge incorporating the richly debauched motifs of that time period in both Morocco and San Francisco, including harem tents and Chinese Opium Den ambience.

Out in front we have a dock and just off our frontage, a large 3-masted Pirate Ship has gone down into the harbour, and only it's masts and part of it's Oriental Geisha figurehead remains ...

SWINGIN ON THE RIGGIN' is the ultimate test of Pirate Agility - with a rope swing, zip line, and hopefully a rope ladder. Look for our Jolly Roger, as our ship will provide lots of fun for those who can still stand after singing Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum in the bar.

Beware ! for HEYRE THAR BE DRAGONS!!!!! the Dragon's Lair where Justice and Mercy will prepare their nightly rampages.

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