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When Neil Gaiman came out to San Francisco to read on Hallowe'en at the Palace of Fine Arts, I put together a little tour of the Northwest for his assistant, The Fabulous Lorraine, who with the esteemed writer, Emma Bull, were The Flash Girls.

I put them on tour with circuit veterans Annwn, then they returned to the Palace of Fine Arts for their final show, opening up for Neil. It was wonderful.

The Fabulous Lorraine now plays with different folks. Catch them in Minneapolis...Paul and Lorraine. Considerably rarer when Lorraine and Malena come together in person but they blog a lot and hysterially.

Emma Bull lives in Arizona with her husband and fellow writer, Will Shetterly.

Tragically, lead singer and dear friend, Leigh Ann Hussey was killed on her motorcycle when she collided with a truck on 580, May 16, 2006.