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Another poster for a man i have the highest respect for, Mr. Richard Thompson. How can any one man sing, write, and play guitar better than just about anyone? and for so long? He hailed from Fairport Convention, with Sandy Denny - whose glorious voice sets Led Zeppelin's "Battle of Evermore" into it's own pantheon - and even played guitar with Nick Drake.

Obviously I wanted to do Red Molly on the 1952 Vincent Black Lightening... then my friend Henry Kaiser told me i should put Koko the Clown in ... a reference to a song lyric. So i started dropping references to lots of songs into the art.

After the show, Richard, who had pneumonia and had to leave early, sent Henry to ask me about one of the images...

Henry told me Richard loved the Koko - both of them ... the one I put in and the one Henry later sent me to add, and he asked if the Vincent Black Lightning's rear fender wasn't a little long? Which it is. I got carried away with the painting... How did he *know* that????