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The Soft Boys (Robyn Hitccock) with guest Thomas Dolby.

I love this man... i want to have his kittens. I begged to do this poster. It was my first after my sabbatical. The Two Crabs label and his penchant for incrediby psychedelic imagery could have led me anywhere . .. At the very last moment when deadline loomed, i stumbled across the work of Grandville in a book of 19th C engravings... they mentioned that in 1844 when Grandville did a drawing of three crabs dancing (which along with a mouse and a grasshopper i reclaimed for this poster), Nitrous gas was also discovered and used recreationally. Hmmmm. The band liked the poster, and even Thomas Dolby who played with them signed it for me.
I went back and said "hi" to Robyn, who said he saw me "groovin" . . . which wouldn't have been difficult, as *no one* seems to dance anymore and i bounce around like an amphetamine-laced gerbil.